you are mine to keep warm

As Jesse and I prepare to become parents this fall I am seeking to remember all that I have learned from my single years as I heard my pregnant friends’ grand statements about their parenting styles which they went on to eat in the form of (not-always-so) humble pie later on.

I don’t have any grand statements. We know nothing about being parents except that which is instinctual to being human. In fact,  we are currently approaching parenthood with a humility that is rare (and refreshing!) for me.

We plan to have a natural childbirth, cloth diaper and breastfeed. If these things do not happen, we will celebrate whatever birth method brings you into this world. We will change your diapers with love regardless of whether they are Huggies or bumGenius. We will feed you, regardless of whether we need to purchase formula or not.

We love you. We will rejoice in the brilliance of what God is knitting together in my womb, and we will teach you to rejoice in the rest of what He has done. This world you’re coming to join is flawed, but it is not possible to worship its Creator while condemning all that He created. He created a world with languages as diverse as the cultures across the world. Yes, there is evil and hunger and war. There is also music and dance and art and literature.

We don’t know what the years hold for our family. I can guarantee you that there will be sorrow and trouble, and there will also be great joy. We can’t wait, little one. :)


4 thoughts on “you are mine to keep warm

  1. YAYAYAY!!! :) We’re all excited, too. Thrilled for you and for Jesse. And you’re brilliant and wonderful and you will both be great parents. Love you!!

  2. Love this post. So few people realize that the important thing is not how you parent, but the fact that you get to do it at all.

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