Yesterday I was getting ready to drive home from work, running through my mental checklists and suddenly I thought “When did I last post anything on my blog?!”

It seems really pompous to apologize for not posting, since that makes it sound like the last month has been bleak and empty for you without me, so I won’t. I will just say that my life has jumped a level of (busyness? intensity?) something this past month and I feel like my entire work day is spent dealing with transition. I have hopes it will calm down, but it may not. This might be the new me.

I mentioned I was moving to a new team at the beginning of November. I did, and two weeks after the move, just as I started to get back into a groove, I was offered a management position on my new team. (Side note: we call it “team lead” and we emphasize that it is a role change, not a promotion.) For me, it was good news, but it was awkward timing for my team, just getting to know me as a peer and then suddenly wham!  I have been enjoying this new work – I feel like I am able to do what I am best at every single day – and as a result, I am happy, even when I’m exhausted.

But it has changed some things. In the last two weeks, I have read Peer to Boss, Good to Great, Drive, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The One Minute Manager and am in the middle of First, Break All the Rules.  (Five of those were required with my role change – my workplace believes in personal development.) So…I haven’t really been reading my novels.

On the other side, I have knitted up a storm. My days can consist of up to 6 hours of meetings. Often this means that I can knit away merrily in the corner. No one seems to mind, and it has really helped me feel calmer in situations I’m still learning to navigate. I’ve knitted my niece a shrug, a cardigan that I’m hoping fits one of my sisters (not enough yarn for me!), finished some projects that have been back burnered for a while, and a beautiful hat I’m working on modifying for a smaller head. (Evie!)

All this to say, I might be a little sketchier on the posting for a while. When I get home at night I want to lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling for a while and then fall asleep. I will adjust, learn to fit into this role and find more time for myself, but this transition is exhausting and will take some work.
On the other hand, if you’re interested in managerial reading, I have some good recommendations. :-)


3 thoughts on “mayhem

  1. well some of us have deeply missed you. and it has somewhat bleaked and emptified our lives without you being around… i’m glad you are back.

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