I don’t normally turn on my cell phone at night. But, you know, Mel’s due date was coming up, so I woke up and just turned it up in case.

When the phone rang at 5:15, I saw it was Brock, but my brain was tired after a night of disturbed sleep. “Do you call all your relatives at this time of night?”

“No, Coral. You’re the first on the list.”

Oh. Right. When I had showered and shoved together an “I-really-was-planning -to-prepare-a-bag-before-you-went-into-labor-oh-why-didn’t-I-do-laundry-yesterday” bag, I ran out the door. It was pouring. Not just pouring, I discovered as I got on the interstate. NPR kept stopping programming to warn me of tornado watches all over the state as a record low barometric pressure system moved into the midwest. Also, it was raining so hard I could barely see.

But I made it. In time, too, even though Evangeline was in a hurry.

And she’s perfect. Just ask her brother.


5 thoughts on “Evangeline

  1. Congratulations, Auntie! She’s beautiful, Asher looks so proud, and I love her name! I’ve never been to a birth (other than my own and my children’s). I’m totally jealous!

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