Dear blogging world,

I miss you. I really I do. But I’m so. very. busy.

First, there’s the fine world of The Peanut Gallery Speaks which has blossomed beyond initial imagining, but also has received some of my more creative writing efforts in the last 3 months.

Second, my Kindle went on a fine jolly romp around the Old Country (the Netherlands) with my parentals, which coincided with the beginnings of knitting season in the midwest.

To recap, this:

plus this:

equals radio silence from me.

If you are feeling blue about this, let me give you two reasons to hope. First, a new laptop with a number pad, a number pad people, with Microsoft Onenote, which I heart. Second, the next months weekends are mostly free of weddings, wedding showers, peach canning and general mayhem. I’ll be back soon.


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