mind was full of razors

Mockingjay (Hunger Games, #3)Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. What to say about this that doesn’t ruin anything but still adequately expresses my admiration.

This is a strong, believable, heart-wrenching conclusion to this trilogy. Collins does not pull any punches and she doesn’t leave herself room for another book to sneak in. But it is excellent.

What I admire about Collins is her ability to keep us engaged. Yes, we’re frustrated for all three books about Katniss’ inability to choose her man, but she never has to stoop to clever tricks (storming off to Italy, a la Twilight) to keep us on our toes about who we think she will end up with or who we think she should end up with. We just see two very different boys growing to two very different men who both love and admire and are frustrated by the same girl.

Also, I love Collins’ ability to take on difficult social and political issues without turning preachy and obvious. She makes us think about war and oppression and socialism and dictatorships without us thinking “Wow. All these big thoughts about war and oppression and socialism and dictators.”

And mercy. This book is about mercy and how mercy is not easy and it is not painless and it is not even always non-violent. But it is necessary and good and in some small way, healing.

When you’re finished with this book you will want to reread it. Immediately. But you will also feel sad, and thoughtful, and a little hopeful. This book, the war that ensues, is not a happy read. There are fewer smiles and warm moments. It is realistic, difficult, and an excellent read.

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P.S. I was listening to Brandi Carlyle today and I feel like Katniss would have related to My Song.


3 thoughts on “mind was full of razors

  1. I’m so glad you loved Mockingjay. I did, too, but I’ve encountered quite a few who didn’t.

    You can see some of my responses to it at my blog (it’s in white text that has to be highlighted):


    Also, I loved The Help, and then I loaned it to my mom and she loves it, too.

  2. We just finished Mockingjay and I had to come see what you had to say. I liked it better than Josh. The thing I appreciated about the book was that it portrayed the real, horrifying, ugly, soul-breaking ways of war. It didn’t end with all the loose ends tied up in a neat little bow.

    1. I agree. I’m not saying I understand the horrors of war, but I have seen the way they can haunt someone, force them to daily choose to overcome. And Josh prolly didn’t like it because he was shipping Gale, am I right? I liked Gale well enough, but I’m a sucker for unconditional love of the Peeta variety.

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