Asher to Zed

Do you like baby pictures? Would you like to see a couple?

Thursday my sister and I and my nephew drove to Memphis. We left at 2am. I’m not really sure you can call that morning. Asher travelled with all of the pent-up energy of 15 months, and we made it to see this guy, Martin Edward.

We ran errands, did dishes, took out garbage, and took long walks through Costco.

Melody also introduced our two short ones to each other.

There are actually three babies in this picture, just two ex utero.

And then we came home. Asher was less impressed with the second 10 (then 12) hour trip in four days, but we all survived, thanks to Starbucks, Panera Bread and Aldi’s honey wheat pretzels.

Anyway. I’m back.


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