we used to be friends

Yesterday morning, at 5:30am, I dropped a book into the filling bathtub for the first time in…well, a long time. Partly it could be that I had been awake since 5am even though I didn’t want to be, partly it could be a subconscious disdain for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (I don’t think it was that) or partly it could be that I was clumsily attempting to gather towels to start a load of laundry before work. Who knows. Harry Potter is currently drying under the rest of the series, in an attempts to keep his cover and pages straight (*sigh* – that’s one of the ones that was a gift from Papercrystals and I’m sad I spoilt it) and I completely forgot to start that load of laundry in the aftermath.

My work stuff is not going smoothly right now. I’m involved in a big project that involves multiple teams and requires compromises that aren’t always easy. What’s best for the whole project often results in mediocre results for each individual team, and on Wednesday, that erupted in a meeting where a colleague shouted at me in front of a group of people while I tried to explain why we had done what we did. I’ve lost quite a few battles in my day, even on this particular project. When she stalked out, I felt bruised and sore, but I didn’t really want to perpetuate this argument. So I kept my mouth shut throughout the email flurry that followed.  The people above me reiterated my position, agreed with the change we made and supported it. There has been more sputtering, but I haven’t had to say anything at all. Interesting.

I have (another) wedding shower for Jesse’s brother’s fiance this afternoon, but I am going to spend the rest of my weekend running, reading (Miniatures and Morals – so glad I didn’t drop that one in the tub!) and working from home. Maybe finish that laundry…


One thought on “we used to be friends

  1. Oh man. I’m sorry. I wish I’d seen this the day it was written. Unfortunately I’m a sucky blogger/friend/help these days. I hope that work will be abloom with roses or peonies, whichever you like best, tomorrow. Or it gets hit by a firestorm and you get paid leave. Either way.

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