not the nose in the book penalty!

See, here’s the deal. In every family, every individual is known for something. Just last weekend my sister pulled something that made us smile and say “Classic Emby.”

As I did that, shaking my head at my little sister, and taking another sip of coffee (seriously, I don’t think Jesse has seen my parents’ house when we didn’t drink at least two pots of coffee, regardless of the number of people who show up) I wondered, what is it that they shake their heads about and say “Classic Coral”?

It didn’t take me long to figure out what it was. Mom and Dad are still laughing about our last car trip togther. It’s the middle of Montana/Dakotas/Minnesota and I’m in the back seat, nursing a chai and completely immersed in my Kindle and Anne of Green Gables. I hear the tail end of a conversation, and I jump in with my two cents and am met with a moment of silence and “Coral, we’ve been talking about this for the last half hour.”

“Sorry. I was reading.”

That, my friends, is a classic Coral. Although there are other varieties, (including the asking of directions to the dentist you have been going to for the last ten years, because every other time you have gone there, you were in the back seat with your nose in a book) that is what it’s all about.


11 thoughts on “not the nose in the book penalty!

  1. You make me so jealous. Driving and directions were always easy for me, because reading in the car makes me SO sick…

    Funny how reading on the train or on a plane is just fine…

  2. My mother used to ground me from reading. Until my chores were finished. But, I suppose my most classical JBS moment is keeping lint out of toes and ears free from buildup.

    It was most vivid when my daughter had a near panic attack trying to get her tights off one day when she was about 18 months. She finally told me she wanted to clean out her toes.

    TMI much? Yeah. That’s me.

  3. I was never able to read in the car, either. Not for long anyway.

    I’m scared to know what my classic moments are, at least with the family. At work, it’s dropping things or tripping over invisible objects.

  4. I get really carsick (feel quesy just reading the title of a book) but Sea Bands CURED ME. They are a miracle of accupressure. I can now knit and read for hours in the car without a twinge of nausea.

  5. I was just skimming your last several posts and I love that you caught that thing about Philistine/Pharisee. Sometimes I think even the best of editors are kind of asleep on the job these days.

    I also appreciated your recommendation for The Help because I’ve been meaning to read it but I didn’t LOVE Guernsey Literary Society like everyone else did (I thought the history was fascinating but the storyline was a little trite) so now I don’t know whether to trust it when someone says something is great.

    (Hi, I’m Zina and I can’t remember whether I’ve commented here before. I think I found your blog when I followed the link from one of your comments at the Apron Stage some time ago.)

    1. I liked The Guernsey Literary…, but I can see why you would consider it a little trite. I think perhaps I was in a state of mind that sort of needed trite at the time. :-)

      If you’re looking for the anti-trite, have you read Olive Kitteridge? I have a friend who found it depressing, but I thought the study of human nature was excellent, even if I didn’t like the characters. You should let me know some of your favorites!!

  6. Oh, and I’m not coming up with anything to recommend off the top of my head. I’m guessing you’ve already read I Capture the Castle which is among my all-time faves. These days I read a lot of YA fantasy–my husband just bought all four of the “Thief” series by Megan Whalen Turner and he and I and the kids are taking turns with them.

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