pedicure on our toes…

Remember that one time? When I posted about my 100 book challenge in 2009 and how I fell short and then some guy wrote a really funny but mean comment about how infantile I was and I said that I wasn’t even going to try for 100 books this year because I was busy and I have new babies to be knitting for? Remember before I used a terrible run-on sentence that ate away your brain stem?

So last year, remember I would post about how many books I had read and how many books I should have read, and then I would feel bad because I wasn’t catching up to my goal? In an odd twist of fate, as of today (halfway through the year, give or take) I have read 53 books this year.

Partly, this is the fault of my spending spree in April. Partly, too, fault of vacation and a twenty-five hour car ride with my parents. And, I suppose, we should admit that some were better reads than others. But still. Crazy times.

Tonight I finished Wicked Lovely, by Melissa Marr. It wasn’t as badly written as Twilight, but it wasn’t a Hunger Games, either. As far as teenage faerie dramas go, I found it to be pretty run of the mill. The characters were a little uneven, and the plot fairly predictable, but I thought she could have done a better job making the resolution to the main plot point smooth, rather than NO! <end chapter> Well, maybe. <end chapter> Yes. <end chapter> Why did Aislinn change her mind? Why does her grandmother only get two lines? Who names a believable character Aislinn Foy in the first place? (Haha, at least it’s not Renesmee.) Anyway. I wouldn’t have read it if it hadn’t been free, and I don’t believe I will follow up by reading either the second or the third in the trilogy.
I did, however, over the weekend, re-read an excellent translation of Sappho’s fragments –  If Not, Winter, by Anne Carson.  I love this translation. When I was reading it, I thought of how much Emily Dickinson would have love it, too. Sappho’s girlish, yet barbed, voice seems very like Emily’s own.


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