Safety Second!

When my sister and I were in Uganda, summer of 2006, we met two young men who were visiting at the same time. Christopher and Jake became our fast friends, although we all hailed from different parts of the US. One week, when Mel and I were sick with malaria, they decided to cook us dinner, a chore we usually fulfilled.

Breaking out the macaroni cheese packets brought from home and a box of noodles purchase in Mbale, the boys' set up took longer than it would have taken us to make a whole dinner. Christopher, an avid photographer from southern CA, set up his camera to film the whole thing.

Even now, when I watch it I laugh until I cry.

Christopher's personality, already larger than life, takes over, and Jake, a humble farm boy from Montana, has to work to hold his own. They discuss love songs, and then, when one of them nearly burns down the kitchen, Jake says "Safety first!" Christopher turns to the camera and replies "Love first. Safety second."

When pressed, later off camera, it was determined that it was:

Love first.

Safety second.

Then cheese, bacon and worchestershire sauce, in that order.

Good to know, boys. Life lessons all around.


3 thoughts on “Safety Second!

  1. Cheese, bacon and worchestershire sauce? Wow. I agree with everything else. And cheese. He he.

    I betchyur glad to have that video now, even though you probably cursed the day they brought it in. I can just imagine my annoyance building and then melting away.

    You rock!

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