That April! Lock the door!

This morning, after my run, my kindle and I sat down in the sun and I had a cup of delicious coffee.


I would say that in the past, being a big fan of book smell and paper, I have been leery of this brand of witchcraft known as e-readers. However, as my book collection grows and my apartment (oddly) stays the same size, and as I truck more and more around in my less-than-Mary-Poppins-like bag, I have been keeping my eye on what’s out there and what sort of perks I could get from one. Consider this my pros and cons list.


  • I can read anything, anywhere, anytime. I pull up my Greek New Testament in less than a second to double check a passage, or peruse the dictionary in no time flat for a suitable definition.
  • It’s portable. I have some trips coming up and how nice it will be to not have to shove books into odd corners of my baggage in an attempt to bring enough of them. I have been known to take (and read) 4 books in a 3 day weekend.
  • It holds my knitting pattern PDFs, easily accessible, and while a bit small sometimes, at least always available.
  • I can buy a book from anywhere


  • Cannot, safely, in good conscience, be read in the bathtub.
  • Lacks a certain sense of spatial location that can be found by flipping through a book – it is not easily convenient to read the end of a book first. Perhaps this is also a pro.
  • It will never replace the preciousness of a book given to my by a friend or family member, inscribed in the cover and with specific memories attached to the first reading, and I am sure that there are books that will be purchased on the Kindle and purchased again for the sheer joy of feeling the paper and holding the bound version.
  • I can now buy a book from anywhere.

I love that in the direct sunlight earlier, there was no glare, and that it was actually easier on my eyes than writing on the white paper of my notebook. I also love how light it is and how easy it is to turn the pages. I think that some of the remembering capabilities could be worked on – when I accidentally charge ahead to the next chapter, it would be nice if it remembered where in the last chapter I was, so I didn’t have to page back through everything, but those are minor compared to the coolness of the Kindle.

And for me? Infinitely better than an Ipod, which would at best remind me to run more and at worst molder in my purse. :-)


5 thoughts on “That April! Lock the door!

  1. Coral! I’m so proud of you! I LOVE my Kindle. I still love paper books, but this is such a space saver, and there are tons of free books for it. I got mine for Christmas, and I have over 150 books on mine…and I only bought 5 of them! I hope you continue to enjoy it :)

    1. I didn’t know you had a Kindle. It was hard for me to decide to get one, because I thought the price was scary and because I already buy too many books.
      But…this is the most fantastic way to read non-fiction ever. With the dictionary at my fingertips, I’m expanding my already crazy vocabulary with every page.

    2. Also, do you have any good free recommendations? I’m terrified of starting down the awkwardly poorly written path of free Christian fiction….

      1. (“awkwardly poorly” – am I even allowed to use an adverb to modify another adverb? There’s a phrase worth writing home about.)

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