Have I told you recently what a rock star I am at my job?

Probably not. (Probably because I don’t usually believe that.)  However, as of Thursday morning, I have conquered, and not in a mild, passive takeover sort of way. Think more like Hannibal and war elephants.

Regardless. I am celebrating this coming week, I am buying dark green, masculine sort of yarn for my pending nephew via the Memphis branch of the family. :-) I am knitting a sweater/jacket for him, because I adore him, even though we’ve never met. I’m a sucker like that.

I spent this morning picking up and considering all the little detritus (a word which I love, but am terrified to try to pronounce) that is scattered around because of the crazy hours and lack of attention span for anything other than work. I emptied my purse (large, kelly green laptop case, really) of all the receipts from gasoline and groceries, weeks of gum wrappers, my checkbook, pay stubs, and assorted knitting doohickies.  I dusted my living room, including these fine folks:

True Love

Mr. lost his nose during their immigration here from southern Wisconsin. Let me tell you, the U.S. Postal Service is not an easy way to transport to a new life, but it was what they could afford. And Mrs. doesn’t mind. She loves him anyway, as you can tell.

After dusting, really the rest of my day was consumed by this:

Ah, Saturday.

Coffee. Naturally. Out of my fantastic mug, one of a set of four my friend Peter made for me. Pretty talented, isn’t he? I drank coffee, read, folded laundry, knitted, watched the end (definitely the best part) of Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I know I’ve been AWOL the last weeks, and I promise in the next week or so I will attempt to catch you (and me) up on my recent reading. But for now, I’m going to go drink some more coffee. Decaf at this time of evening, of course. Loves to you all.


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