wrapped around your finger…

See, it’s Thanksgiving and I used a lyric from the Cranberries as a title. How clever am I?

I have been knitting a little, working on writing out my first pattern, prepping it for test knitting and then (eventually) for sale. I’ve also been working on the Sleeves in Your Pi for my mom. Between that and my other abundant projects, I have still been neglecting the reading.

I really am having the worst book slump. I’m in the middle of Love Walked In, which came highly praised, but quickly degenerated into trite chick lit. Cornelia is a coffee shop manager, obsessed with old movies and Cary Grant, and falls quickly, lightly, and shallowly in love with Martin, an emotionally distant but charming business man. Meanwhile, Clare, Martin’s daughter whom he never sees, finds herself struggling with her mother’s mental illness, which finally degenerates to the point that Vivianna simply up and leaves her daughter on the side of the road. Clare comes to find her father and ends up staying with Cornelia over Christmas. Teo, Cornelia’s brother-in-law (whom we later learn has been abandoned by his wife) comes for the holidays and forms an impromptu family with Cornelia and Clare. You see where this is going, right? It’s even worse than it sounds. Well-written, yet fraught with exactly the person you want out of the picture dying and the glowing knight-in-shining-armor being both emotionally and romantically available and all sorts of complex guardianship issues blithely smoothed over.  (By the way, your sister’s ex? NOT AN OPTION!!) Gag me with a spoon.

Thanksgiving was a nice break from work, although I’m the only one of the four who made it home for dinner. Seriously, guys. Being an only child is not cool. Let’s get that worked on. Mel and Brock came by later, though, and Mom and Dad had invited another family from church (with 3 small boys and a baby girl) for dinner, so we weren’t a tiny crowd, anyway. :-)

I have nothing particularly interesting to offer, so I’m off to knit a little more before figuring out the grocery list for the week. Loves to all.



One thought on “wrapped around your finger…

  1. I am rereading the Anne of Green Gables series and SOBBING. I think it may be a serious sign of a hormonal imbalance that I am so affected by the little red headed snippet. I’ll let you know how describing my symptoms to a doctor goes, “no, just reading adolescent fiction. No, NOT Twilight…”

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