the best is still yet to come

It would be oversimplifying to blame my lack of posts on my job. I have, it’s true, been crazy busy at work, but nothing unmanageable (remember the semester I taught Latin an hour away while holding down a forty-hour-a-week retail job? I blogged through that, right?) I have been knitting up a storm, which really does take away from my reading. And I have been suffering a book slump. Nothing sounds good to read, I start things and leave them in the growing stack next to my bed, mixed in with the multiple sizes of knitting needles, wild balls of yarn and the glasses of water which are waiting to be used as weapons in any future alien invasion à la Signs. This is a six-week slump, if you include my brother’s leave, and it’s not looking pretty for the 100 books before the end of the year. I’m solidly at 75, but I don’t see a way to fit 25 books into the next 6-7 weeks of 2009.

I have, however, knit three berets, two cowls, a hat, and two socks (not a pair). I have started a sweet shawl/sweater for my mom, nearly finished Asher’s baby blanket (don’t even say it) and finished a pair of socks that has sat in my basket for several years. I remember how in college it was possible to ascertain my stress level by the amount of knitting I was doing. I look like I’m dealing with insane levels of stress right now.

So, to conclude this short post:

Books read so far this year – 75
Books I should have read so far this year – 88ish
Hope of finishing this challenge – Dwindling.
Books bought at library sale during $5 for grocery bag blowout (I went back, Mom. I had to.) – 20, but not all for me. Wait until you see what I found for Asher.
Time spent knitting in meetings at work – easily 8 hours
Time spent discussing/debating/defending knitting during meetings instead of playing with an or checking email on a laptop like the majority of my coworkers – also easily 8 hours

I should write a post on the benefits of knitting during a meeting. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “the best is still yet to come

  1. I was considering it. I suppose I already have a few more, if you count the times I’ve read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Five Little Monkeys and Freight Train to Asher. :-) He’s fascinated by books.

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