the alarm rings on monday morning

I know I’ve been AWOL for the last couple of weeks. I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to finish reading even one book this month. I have been knitting (naturally) because that is something that you can do while watching your siblings play the same game five times in rapid succession. Also, it is easier to abandon my knitting when my nephew decides to take a break from snuggling with his uncle Rueben to drool on me.


I know. He doesn’t really sit still long enough for me to get a solid shot. That’s him wearing the little girly beret I knit last week, but on him it looks like a super-masculine Rastafarian hat, right?

Today is Rueben’s last day of leave. I’m heading home after work to demand one more hug before  he heads back to a country where 14 more of our guys died on Monday. Fourteen. These are the thoughts that make me a praying girl.  Sorry I haven’t been around, but I have been on the road 12 hours in the last two weeks, taken two days off of work (and put in my full forty hour work week each week anyway) and been wrapped up in family while we can. I will be back soon. Don’t give up on me.


5 thoughts on “the alarm rings on monday morning

  1. He looks like a little french baby – aw hauw hauw (french laugh). Also, thanks for reviewing Glass of Time. I didn’t know there was a sequel and I loved Meaning of Night (in the way that I love Dickens, which is to say, I hated the first half but then got REALLY into it).

    1. That’s a hilarious thought about Dickens, most of whose work I have abandoned before reaching the getting really into it. The only exceptions were an ugly mustard yellow version of Oliver Twist I read from the library and A Tale of Two Cities, which I read in college.

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