crack the shutters

Today is a day of good things. I believe this.

In church, we read the entirety of the book of Esther in celebration of Purim. As one of my Sunday School kids pointed out, Esther was willing to sacrifice her life for her people just as Jesus was willing to give up His. What a great book of the Bible.

I was asked to be a part of a new ministry at the church, on the ground level of bringing something I care a lot about (adoption and family services) to our church.

I got to talk to one of the ladies at church I would really like to be friends with. Her son is in my Sunday School class and she assisted today. Got a chance to talk to her and am excited because she is just as cool as I thought.

I finished my book this morning (I will post about it later) and it was eighty times more satisfying than its prequel.

Now, I am going to go clean my apartment. Woot!


2 thoughts on “crack the shutters

  1. Awesome. I love Esther. Could use a little more Esther in my life lately.

    Also, can we be facebook friends? I don’t want to stalk you, but I kind of do! (She says in her non-creepiest voice)

  2. I had no idea that you were interested in adoption and family services.

    I’m going to send you the link to a blog of a friend of mine who has adopted a girl from China and is waiting for her second daughter. All the waiting and leaning on the Lord! I love the story because God is all over it and in every single detail. I love how HE has provided the $30,000 to adopt. Something impossible without Him.

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