can anybody find me…

I finished the Colonnade shawl the other night, and it took way less time to dry from blocking than the sweater, less layers. I also finished the ribbing to my new project and started the pattern and frogged it…three times. I’ll show it to you if you promise not to steal my idea. I mean, I realize we are no longer in grad school and you are not all out to kill me while promoting your own future. But the only good pictures I have on my (new!) cellphone, and I haven’t figured out how to get them from there to here yet. I majored in three dead languages, so forgive me.

I re-read Sorcery and Cecelia and The Blue Sword instead of continuing on the straight and narrow of new books, but I’m going to count them, because I did, after all read them, even if it means that Atonement (I’m not kidding when I say that I get sick to my stomach in the climax moment of Briony’s lie) and In Cold Blood (a book that is good, even though I only picked it up because of Capote’s relationship with Harper Lee) and Wolves of Calla (I’m having a hard time staying involved with this one) and even the temptation of starting Stephen Carter’s New England White (his mysteries are complex and rich, with the additional result of being super-meaty and involved) stay put sadly on the bedside table. And then, yesterday I walked to the grocery store for some diced chilies and a jalapeno for my Mexican corn chowder and stopped at the bookstore and there waiting on the shelf was one copy of The Glass of Time, by the late Michael Cox, who died earlier this year of cancer, but not before writing a sequel to his first gothic tale The Meaning of Night, and (if the first 150 pages are any indication) outdoing himself in the process. Buffy, you will be happy to know that this one is less tedious to start with and, so far, has less of a hateful narrator to contend with. I even have high hopes of it ending on a less melancholy note. I’ll keep you informed.

That’s my life, folks. A lot of knitting, a lot of work, a lot of reading, and this past week, not much else. Although, fall has arrived full force and I wore sweaters several days this week. :-) Finally.


4 thoughts on “can anybody find me…

  1. I don’t get to read any more, except to the kids. But your comment about Mexican corn chowder prompted me to thank your family for that recipe. Every time we enjoy that soup, I think of y’all.

  2. Yum to Mexican Corn Chowder. It’s been too long since I’ve made that.

    Also, I picked up the new Patricia Wrede today (thanks to Borders Bucks), and so Thirteenth Child sits on the table, waiting for me to finish re-reading Crown Duel.

    I’m totally in the mood for quasi-fantasy swashbuckling of late.

    1. That makes me laugh, because I totally was skim reading Crown Duel the other night, before I picked up The Blue Sword. I also got a copy of Stevermer’s College of Magic on Saturday, but that was more of a private happy dance. It’s not the best written plot in the world, but oh, the memories.

  3. True, but it’s significantly better than so many of the magic-school genre that I’ve found over the years. And I have a ridiculous number of the worse ones…

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