i don’t care about clever

I know, I’m so behind on posting. I’ve had such a week at work that I just haven’t felt like doing much when I get home. Also, I finished my sweater this weekend, and spent free time weaving ends in and last night attempting to block it. (I say attempt, because I think blocking is primarily helpful when the garment you’re blocking is too small, while mine has the unfortunate design flaw currently of looking like it was knitted for a hunchback. I think that while I loved the pattern, her short rows were a design flaw, or perhaps just too short to be effective. Haven’t decided.)  I will post a picture when I get a chance, or when I get someone to take the picture of me in it.

I also have finished the novel/doorstop The Hour I First Believed, by Wally Lamb. Buffy, I swear I’ll post about it. I really am trying, I’m just really writer’s blocked on it. I liked it, but with some caveats, and every time I write something about it, it turns into either an accolade or a condemnation. I’m trying for that middle ground.

I did finish The Hard Truth About Soft Skills,  by Peggy Klaus for work, however. Meh. It had some good things to say about self-branding and remembering to be your own cheerleading squad, but it was mostly just fluffy feel-good-about-these-concepts stories and not a lot of real meat. Every point could have been broadened, given more examples and some practical application. Not bad, just not stunning either. A lot of common sense. (Think before you date your boss. The way your peers see you will trickle up to your boss. Self-presentation isn’t just for the day of your review.)  Stuff that hopefully I have already figured out. (My boss seems to think I have, so that’s good, right?)


2 thoughts on “i don’t care about clever

    1. hehe. I added you. It should be obvious it’s me, CoralRose.
      I’m addicted to the projects part, but I’m terrible about stash. I mean, I have two Rubbermaids of yarn, but most of it is from my grandma in the 50’s or 60’s, horrible acrylics that I can’t bear to part with but that I can’t really use.

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