the one-armed badger

Seriously, a miracle.
Seriously, a miracle.
Mission accomplished.
Mission accomplished.

I finished the elephant!! I’m amazed myself. I don’t normally finish projects this quickly. It’s a miracle. Not the same kind of miracle as all of Buffy’s stuff fitting into that storage unit yesterday. :-) Right, Buff? (Yesterday was fun, by the way, and I was super impressed with your preparedness, despite U-haul’s non-preparedness.) I have about 20 other pictures, of the elephant in various stages of completedness, but I didn’t think you all wanted to see a one-armed, no legged blue elephant. You wanted to see the finished product, right?

This wasn’t a hard project, at all. No seaming, at all. I knitted the body right off the head, and the limbs and ears off those. The hardest was the ears, trying to make sure they were even with one another. I used some new (or barely remembered) increases and I kitchenered the ears, which I only use on the rare ends of socks, so it was a good review. Hopefully, this will warm me up for my next project.

Starting my sweater.
Starting my sweater.


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