coming soon…

I know, I’ve been completely disregarding this blog the last week or so. I have finished Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s book, and am nearly finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I also dabbled my toes into Atonement, as well as keeping up on my work reading and the aforementioned The Liturgy Trap. I just want you to know I am planning to write out some thoughts. Really. Soon.

*sigh* I feel like this would be more acceptable if the reason I’ve been so lazy about blogging lately weren’t, reading books for work and cleaning cupboards out, but instead something glamourous, like dinner parties, or industrious, like running a 10 minute mile. Forgive me.


3 thoughts on “coming soon…

  1. Hulu is totally an acceptable reason to not do things. If it’s not, then I should be walking around with a lot of shame on my shoulders, and I’d rather not face up to that.

  2. I love Atonement. Although I pretty muched skipped over the random and pointless “Robbie at War” chapters. A lot of my friends who hadn’t read the book hated the movie because from the trailers they were expecting a romance. So not a romance.

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