don’t know much about history…

Seriously. This made me snort coffee up my nose. Not cool.
Seriously. This made me snort coffee up my nose. Not cool.

So…today I am meandering through my Goodreads profile, wasting ten minutes while I eat my lunch, and this ad in the sidebar catches my eye, and I nearly choke to death on my coffee.  It’s a bit of false advertising, since when you click on the link you are taken to the Kindle edition (and the only edition) of a book entitled Everything I Needed to Know About Women I Learned by Reading Twilight: A Vampire’s Guide to Eternal Love. (Wouldn’t that be “An Vampire” or is that not cool anymore?)  Apparently this guy teaches men seven principles that Edward lives by, which is what makes every woman want him. Interesting….


6 thoughts on “don’t know much about history…

  1. Stalking.
    Isolating from friends.
    Attempting suicide.

    …and what’s number 7?
    Oh, yeah.

    Sounds absolutely enchanting…

    1. No, the creepy part is that I almost didn’t post it because I thought you might say it funnier…

      But then I decided to anyway…

      1. Yeah. That kind of reminded me of those My Little Ponies that we all played with as little kids. A friend of mine had a purple sparkly one with sparkles in its hair, and when we got to that scene, I thought one of two things was happening – Edward was turning into a My Little Pony or Bella had been slipped a little sumpin’ sumpin’ by her knight in shining and was hallucinating.

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