i will sweep, sweep, sweep

Ha. Two posts in as many days. Either it’s a miracle or I’ve finally gotten some sleep. Although, I must say, that getting a decent sleep is probably one of God’s miracles for the tired mind and soul.

This weekend I read parts of Thousand Splendid Suns (for book club) and City of Thieves (who would have thought I would read a novel about Leningrad in WWII?) but really those were just my sidetracks. I sat in the sun (two days in a row, for more than just 15 minutes with a cup a coffee while checking and returning work emails!) and read all of Beginner’s Greek, a first novel by James Collins.

Yes, originally I chose it because of the title and the blue and white cover of the hardcover version. As it turns out, I actually enjoyed it. Turns out, it was a good book for Memorial Day weekend. It was fluffy, a little. It was sweet, a lot. It was idealistic, to the extreme. However, it was also well-written. I enjoyed the characters, even if Holly seemed a bit too perfect and Throppe seemed a little too malevolent and Peter seemed far too loyal.

Peter and Holly meet on a trans-American flight, and immediately click. Unfortunately, Peter loses her phone number and since he failed to get her full name, is left to pine after her for years. When he runs into her again, she is dating, soon-to-be engaged to, his cad of a best friend. What follows is a comedy of romantic errors, people at the wrong place at the wrong time, people falling in and out of love, and people doing what people do best – being pig-headed.

It ends well, of course, for nearly everyone. Everyone whose love is sweet and pure finds a way to be happy, and the miserable people are left to rot in their selfishness. It’s the sort of saccharine ending that can only be tolerated when you’re sitting in the sun after a long walk on a day off. I know I can be outwardly cynical, but even the most dedicated misanthrope sometimes hides a bit of the romantic.


2 thoughts on “i will sweep, sweep, sweep

  1. loved it too- with the same caveats. recommended it to a friend but clarified, “not because I think it’s deep or anything,” but on further reflection I think it was a perfect comedy of manners. yeah?

  2. Agreed. I think there is a time and a place for these sorts of cotton candy for the intellect. Or maybe, more substanstial than cotten candy, more like cream puffs. There’s dairy in it, right? And some kind of grain. It’s good for you!

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