dizzy, light and free.

I have a confession to make.
*sigh* This is difficult for me to admit, since in most situations I love liberally and without borders.

I am a word bigot.

I know. Start throwing the tomatoes and other rotten fruit. Look away with those tears in your eyes as you feel disappointment well up in your very soul. So, for the sake of clearing my guilty conscience, I am going to explain, but bear with me, this is hard for me.

I like seven-letter words more than any other word.

This was a creeping problem. It started with this insidious game, perhaps, a couple of years ago. Finding as many words within a seven letter word within the time limit, with increasing difficulty as you gain levels. I’m incredible at it. (Can you hear the humility in my voice? Because if you can, you’re imagining it, because it’s not there.) There are variations on this game all over the internets, but this one’s siren song keeps pulling me back in. I will play for hours, sometimes, typing madly away before losing after level 25 or 30. (I know, that doesn’t sound hard, but it is.)

It started there, but I moved on to a quiet obsession. At first, when taking notes in work meetings, I would finish a sentence, notice a seven letter word in it and zone out as I started listing out words. Eventually, I began just skipping the note taking process and just writing seven-letter words down at the top of my pages.

I don’t know if there’s any hope of recovery.

I’m not sure I want to recover. Meetings are much more fun when my paper looks like this:

Team Meeting

meet time met tee tie gin gem…


3 thoughts on “dizzy, light and free.

  1. I do this too. Only it’s a result of Word Whomp and Word Challenge on Facebook. Um. When I’m having trouble sleeping at night, I lull myself to sleep by playing Word Challenge in my head.

    I didn’t know there was a seven-letter version. This makes me way more happy than I should be.

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