miles from where you are…

So just to launch out of my own normal comfort zone…
I don’t watch a lot of movies, not current ones, anyway (within two years) because the library has kind of a long wait for those, and I can’t afford (read: won’t afford) to spend $5 on a movie to watch once, or $10 to sit in a dark theatre with creepy boys hitting on me. However. I have seen a few really really worthwhile ones, that I recommend whole-heartedly to everyone.

This first one I recommend despite the fact that the obvious (Lars orders and is dating a s.x doll) gets at least a passing joke or two: Lars and the Real Girl* Okay, so I’m sure that at least a few of you are already attempting to walk away. This is the best movie that I have ever seen Ryan Gosling in. He orders this doll for a serious relationship, in one earnest scene asking his sister-in-law (the charmingly sincere Emily Mortimer) if “Bianca” can stay in their spare bedroom while she’s visiting him, because “they” don’t think it would be appropriate for her to stay with him. I think that this movie has a better message about relationships and a healthier attitude toward marriage and commitment than Juno, which beat it out for several awards. Lars’ brother and sister-in-law are true examples of family, and a sweet portrait of a young marriage. You don’t have to take my word for it. I wouldn’t suggest watching it with children, but I think it was a thought-provoking movie, and I didn’t feel like I’d wasted my time at the end.

The second movie is my favorite. Sweet Land has nothing but gentle sweetness. Nothing to object to, this is the story of a German mail-order bride whose arrival in a Norwegian community in MN in the 1920s causes social upheaval even as her husband-to-be discovers the joys of a helpmeet. Alisa and Guinever, if you haven’t seen this, you must.

If I think of any other movies that I can recommend without reservation to my entire reading audience, I will post about them, but I really think these are the only two that I have seen in the last year that fit that criteria. Loves!

*(you can check here for a full description of the questionable material, before you watch.)


5 thoughts on “miles from where you are…

  1. Awww, I really liked Sweet Land! Have you seen the BBC documentary Love Me, Love My Doll? There’s also one about women and their life-like doll babies (which was in some ways more disturbing than the s.x dolls).

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I’m headed to the library today to look for the Melendy series. Aaaannnddd I’m going to see if I can’t find Lars and the Real Girl for DH and I to watch. Thanks!

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