skeleton you are my friend…

and I would like to keep you in there.
Setup: Me, waiting to pull left across two lanes of traffic into my one way street – the only way to enter my apartment, being hindered by the fact that the nearest lane is stopped, but I can’t see what’s coming in the second lane. Woman I will call light blue mini-van (LBMV) who is attempting to make her own left turn across two lanes of moving traffic and me, who is still waiting.

Dear LBMV,
I appreciate your willingness to sacrifice my appendages and vehicle to the unknown of hidden traffic flying towards me on a snow-covered road. I really am glad to see that you understand that great things like freedom and hitting that green light are only possible if we sacrifice, sometimes limb and sometimes life for them. Just a note, though, yelling at me through your windshield and inching out into oncoming traffic and then yelling and waving a finger at me because I still haven’t decided to brave accelerating blindly, probably a) isn’t going to convince me that you’re worth risking my life for, and b) is probably getting the avid attention of the munchkin in the booster seat behind you. Might I remind you that I, too, would like to live till 09, and that your Target shopping couldn’t have gone that poorly because you had money to shop there in the first place, and that’s better than some folks. Take a deep breath. If I’m willing to wait an extra four minutes to get home to my lunch, then I’m pretty sure that your swim practice or ballet lessons or dentist appointment can probably wait too. Let’s try something new this Christmas. When I look you in the eye and shrug, let’s assume that I’m apologizing for being unable to get someone in that second lane to stop so I can turn. I haven’t screamed any obscenities at you, have I?
P.S. One more thing. Ever hear of a right-hand turn? In cities, with city blocks they enable you to turn right and eventually get onto the road you were aiming for, with minimal damage to my self or your kid’s psyche.


One thought on “skeleton you are my friend…

  1. Funny, I had the nearly the exact same experience at Target- the only difference being that SHE was the one blocking my view of the lane because she couldn’t wait until I was out of the intersection to make her turn.

    Of course, it doesn’t help that the piles of snow are almost too tall to see over for everyone who doesn’t have an SUV or truck.

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