a soapbox.

Mary and Martha. Lydia, a cloth merchant. Nympha, “and the church in her house.”

I’m sure there are more, but those are the only ones I can think of right now. So what do those have in common? They’re unmarried women, in the Bible, and I really wish the Reformed church today valued them and allowed them the honor of a place and a ministry. I’m not asking for responses here, I don’t need any sort of Biblical shoring up, or long discussions of being content in my place. I’m fine with being content with my place, if you give me one. Until I have a husband, I have no part in my church except for childcare and piano playing (both of which I am a big fan of, by the way.) I’m allowed only a passive role in any sort of deacon position, and if I even want to have a Bible study with other women, they want an elder to be involved, to make sure that our we don’t get too far off track reading Nancy Pearcey. A husband and wife going to Uganda to support our mission work there can be supported by the church because he is ordained, but a single girl supporting the homeschooling of one of those families can’t. What?! Because we’re not married you can’t support our efforts for the Lord?

I’m only going to point this one little thing out, and then I’ll stop. I’ll probably take down this post once I cool off a bit, too. Mary was CHOSEN, by GOD to be the mother of Jesus, while unmarried. Chosen for something each and every one of us is unworthy of. God did not wait for Joseph to marry her before He entrusted her with a special commission. Couldn’t you all do the same for us? If singleness is such a special gift, why don’t you honor it while we are living it?

I should state that this is my home denomination, not all Reformed denominations, and that the church that I am currently attending does not hold to these as strictly, and seems to have niches for me to serve. I’m saying this mostly to make people think. We are not all homey homemaker singles, we are practical, we are capable of balancing a budget, we have strong views about social justice, and we are VALUABLE to you, just as we are.


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