sometimes i forget that i’m awake…

I would like to show off the pattern for the baby blanket I’m starting on for my sister Mel and bro-in-law Brock, but I don’t want her to see it, because it’s SO perfect for them. So instead, I’m telling you all that it’s brilliant, and my future niece or nephew is going to be spoiled rotten. Or really, just loved to small pieces. :-) You can consider this my official announcement, although most of you already know. (Seriously, someday I’m going to have news that’s all my own, that I can bust out whenever I want, but until then, I kind of have to make sure that all the correct people have been personally informed before I bust out my own little dance of joy.) So….there you are. I’m so old. :-/


2 thoughts on “sometimes i forget that i’m awake…

  1. I can’t believe Melody’s having a baby. Congratulations on the impending niece or nephew.

    I’m not sure I love Hulu so much anymore. One, that awful pig, and now two, no season two of Bones. Or most of season three. But they’re putting up episodes of the current season. How does this make sense?

  2. Hey that pattern is really nice Snorks. I can’t find the email back in my inbox so that I could reply to it (i am crazy these days) but I wanted to let you know it’s really cute, and yes, you should make it.


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