waste my time and waste my money…

LIttle things:

I have a book club meeting on Thursday, and I just today got the book from the library on inter-library loan. Water for Elephants is apparently the hottest book with four legs and a trunk. Today, I ran into one of my fellow book clubbers before a class at work and she asked if my email about “needing to finish the book” meant that I had a few chapters left, or if it meant I hadn’t started. I hemmed a little, and then I just laughed. Yup. This is me, I’m getting to be into this real-life fly by the seat of my pants stuff. It’s cool. Nobody is going to give me a B for not finishing/starting a book, and no one is going to give me the “I’m-so-disappointed-in-you” or the “I-can’t-believe-we-let-you-into-our-program” looks.

I love my new apartment. It’s all white and clean and shiny, even after a month. Sure, the dishwasher is nowhere near the Hot Niagra Falls of my last apartments, but then, there isn’t a mouse highway through the kitchen. The runner on the coat closet is a bit sticky, but then, there’s no apartment upstairs with shouting neighbors. I love the vaulted ceilings, the little breakfast bar, my very own second floor balcony. There is room for all my books!!!

So I’m starting to think like a computer quality assurance tech. Yesterday I renewed my two overdue library books, and it failed, both were reserved for other people. Today, when I logged in to renew my other books, check due dates and try to stalk my upcoming reads, the system told me that I had no overdue books, even though I still had two. It showed the correct dates on the inside screen, but the outside screen didn’t acknowledge them. That’s a bug. Maybe just because they were reserved for other people…maybe if they just had reached their renewal limit, it wouldn’t have failed….someone should try that….

*sigh* My job is making me go insane, and I can’t tell if that’s a good thing.

Still listening? Suckers!  I am not a good green citizen. My lovely Woodmans reusable green grocery bags? I don’t love them because I’m saving God’s planet little by little. In fact, sorry Seth, I don’t think that my purchase of them has helped at all. If I remember to bring them at all, which I often don’t, I leave them in my car, and because I’m too lazy to abandon all my precious groceries (food! precious precious food!) in the middle of the toilet paper aisle to go retrieve them, I just have them put my stuff into plastic bags and put the plastic inside of the earth-friendly ones once I get to the car. I think (and correct me if I’m wrong) that this defeats the purpose…

Alright. Done with watching the fresh episodes of shows online…time to run off and do something useful. Clean the bathroom floor. Wash my sheets….something grown-up and special….


3 thoughts on “waste my time and waste my money…

  1. I strongly considered getting the Woodman’s bags- or even just taking my eight million canvas bags with me while grocery shopping.

    But I forget, and those plastic bags are SO perfect for cleaning out the litter boxes…

  2. In solidarity with my daughter, I believe that I am being MORE environmentally friendly when I use the paper/plastic bags for my groceries, because I then use them for garbage instead of buying specially-made garbage bags. So there, greenies!

  3. The good thing about putting off reading a book until the last second is that when you read it that fast that close to the deadline, you remember every. little. detail. And you astound all the people who actually took their time reading it for two weeks and have already forgotten some of the little stuff.

    Oh wait, I forgot this is Coral I’m talking to…. you remember all the little details anyway.


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