the wind talks back.

It hailed today. Dime-size pellets of ice, so many that for a brief moment of time, everything was covered, and it looked like Lilliput had been covered by Brobdingnag snow. But just for a moment, and then the torrent of midwestern flood wannabee washed it all away.

Little side streets are a funny place early in the morning. Men dropping girls off before work, women kissing someone goodbye in the garage. Tired faces framed by wet curls loading bags into front seats. Doors opening and closing.

I have a new job, and as of today, I have a new apartment lined up. At the end of this month, I will leave retail, and as a former co-worker told me, I will never look back. This coming Christmas the only shopping I will have to encounter is my own. And Christmas Eve…I will not be ringing up frantic last-minute shoppers with anger problems. I will be at home. Yay.

I have lots of other things I was to say, but that’s all for now.


One thought on “the wind talks back.

  1. I’ve said this before, but YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! for new jobs! and apartments! and such.
    btw, thank you for letting my crash your couch and your ears for a bit. I had a fantastic weekend. Almost as good as the one I’m having now :)
    Love you.

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