the leftover you…

these are some thoughts for a dear friend of mine who is in a rough patch, words that really have something to say for all of us.

our lives have not passed us by.

let that soak in for a minute.

our lives have not passed us by.

our disappointments, our sorrows, our griefs all have a purpose. the loves that we have lost are no less our loves simply because they slipped through our fingers or walked away. they still have had a profound effect on our lives, and we on theirs.

love lost doesn’t lose its reality, its tangible touch on our everyday existence.

just because the patter of little feet in our apartments are those of mice…just because your current hobbies are all solitary…doesn’t make your life less of a life than those who are blissfully coupled off.

unconditional love is not found solely in marriage relationships. the fact that we can call each other when we are devastated, when our hopes and dreams have once again gone up in flames, that counts for something. just because no one who loves us unconditionally has had the gender or inclination to marry us doesn’t mean that we haven’t given and received the kind of love that people search for their whole lives. sometimes you don’t get to live near or frequently converse with the people that you would give your life for, but that doesn’t change the emotion.

and if we can grow closer to our Lord, none of this pain and sorrow will be anything in the end. just a short prologue to our eternal story.


4 thoughts on “the leftover you…

  1. Hey sweetie. I shared this post with a friend and thought you’d like to read her response:

    Beautiful post! And thank you SO much for sending this…now. I just received a message on FB from a dear guy friend who wanted to tell me he is now in a dating relationship. I am happy for him (much too young for me, but a great friend), but there is that ping of “sigh” when I hear that. I can’t tell you how appropriate reading that post was after just reading his message.

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