I know I haven’t been around. Working two jobs (one of which was an hour away) kind of took away any sort of lazing around that I had while still writing my thesis. I have been reading though. So here’s a little of what has passed across my bookshelf (these are just the novels, I edited out the boring books on linguistics and the biographies.)

The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart

This was a good rollicking kids book. Completely unbelievable, but really fun.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, by Betty Smith*

This is such a sad book on one level. Talk about reality.

In the Woods, by Tana French

Apparently I am into psychological mysteries. This wasn’t the better of the two, but she’s a good writer.

The Likeness, by Tana French

This was really good. A lot like the Secret History.

Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri

These were incredible short stories about the Bengali immigrant experience.

The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold

This was a harsh book, but beautiful in its own way.

The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett

I didn’t want to read this because of Oprah, but it was a long read, so I tried it. It was really really really good.

The Chameleon’s Shadow, by Minette Walters

Mystery. This one was only so-so.

The Echo, by Minette Walters

This book was so confusing and subversive. I really enjoyed it.

The Dark Room, by Minette Walters

This one was also really good.

The Other Boleyn Girl, by Phillipa Gregory

I haven’t seen the movie, but I devoured this book.

The Boleyn Inheritance, by Phillipa Gregory

This wasn’t anywhere near as good as the Other Boleyn Girl, but it was okay.

Cold Comfort Farm, Stella Gibbons

A friend recommended this. It was good in a random sort of way.

The Girl With No Shadow, by Joanne Harris

This was a lovely book. Really twisted, confusing, and incredibly well written.

Castle Waiting, by Linda Medley

The first graphic novel I’ve ever read. It wasn’t bad.

This was pure girly. Not really my thing.

To Do Lists, Sasha Cogen

This was hilarious.

The Perilous Gard, by Elizabeth Pope *

I loved this book. I always have.

Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood

This book was slow to pick up, but it was really good.

The Blind Assassin, by Margaret Atwood

This was lovely. Really well written.

The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde

I liked this one, but it took 3 tries to get into it.

The Spiderwick Chronicles,

These were really good kids books. Just really

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clark

This was like science fiction meets Charles Dickens. A little overwrought.

I’m in the middle of a whole bunch more, but these are the ones I enjoyed and finished.

I tried to give you just a tiny blurb about each, but that’s the shortest version. Give a note if you want to hear more about any of them.

As for me….I’m doing well. I’m on the job market, and I have a really good opportunity hopefully…we’ll see. I love all of you. Sorry I have been so busy.


4 thoughts on “Readings.

  1. Many of those books are things I very much want to read… and Katie just gave me a new author to try out, so I shall hie me to Half-Price Books one of these days…

    I’m glad you’ve survived these many months!

    (We just got a copy of our wedding video today- including the “interviews” at the reception. I love you two. Seriously. You and Maria are the BOMB.)

  2. *sigh* you’re back. the world is right again.
    are we still on for the concert? want me to go ahead and buy the tickets, or no?
    gosh I miss you.

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