time, you’ve got me running…

Ah, the glamours of grad school…

These are the things that I don’t mind about being single. Today I got up earlyish, cleaned my bathroom, spent the day re-typing, re-writing, re-working, and watching re-runs. Then, in the absence of turkey leftovers, I got some Chinese, and am sitting on my bed eating crab rangoon and sesame chicken while I continue the same. Yay.

Anyway. Back to the chinese and re-runs. I wish that this was over, but at the same time, a Saturday night of take-out in my pajamas isn’t that bad.


3 thoughts on “time, you’ve got me running…

  1. crab rangoon and sesame chicken!

    EVERY … TIME … I order Chinese, I get that same thing. And now I know it’s the right thing to do.

    Oh … I moved my blog a while back. I’m livejournaling.

    Merry Christmas and don’t you have a birthday this month? Probably not. I don’t know where I got that idea.

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