all that i know is i’m breathing…

I read this book today. Partly on my lunch break, and mostly when I got home tonight.  It’s good. I really love Shannon Hale, but Book of a  Thousand Days was the best children’s fantasy I’ve read since Edith Pattou’s East.  This is a well written fairy tale, subtle, and really engaging.  It’s based on a little-known Grimm’s fairy tale and is based in Mongolia. So good.  I always read children’s literature when I’m sad, because it has simple plots that make sense and has resolution.  Always with the resolution, these children’s books. :-)

My greatest love to everyone.  Thanks for the phone calls and emails.  I will return them, I promise, when I have some emotional energy.


2 thoughts on “all that i know is i’m breathing…

  1. I loved Easr, and it does get better after reading it again. Have you read “Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow” by Jessica Day George? It is another version of the original fairy tale. But “East” is by far my favorite.

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