I just read this one. The Lake of Dead Languages, by Carol Goodman. It was weird. I don’t know about my book choices these days.  The problem is that once I start a book I have to finish it. Well, that, and the book choices I make lately are a little suspenseful and I have to finish them.  I really wanted to read The Ghost Orchid, by the same author, but I couldn’t find a copy when I went to borrow it from work. (Yes, another of the benefits of working at a bookstore. It’s like a library, but the really popular books have multiple copies lying around…it’s actually kind of like a candy store. :-)) At any rate, she’s an incredible author. She has a real talent in that you completely forget that you are reading a story.  I like that.  Anyway, this was a good book, but the premise was a little creepy.

I have also started The Echo Maker, by Richard Powers and Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons. (I know, but I’ve never read any Tom Wolfe, and it seemed to me that sometimes you just have to jump in just for the sake of reading broadly.  I seem to recall having read some review of it way back when…who knows, even if it’s terrible, it shall be read.)   Alright, dinner is ready and Jesse appears to be here, clawing on the screen door like a bear. He’s not though. He got his hair cut last week and now looks human. :-)


2 thoughts on “supermoon

  1. I loved I am Charlotte Simmons — Can you believe Wolfe at 70 hung out for months at those colleges getting the scoop on campus life? It does seem he amped the shock factor a little un-necessarily, but I was not there. Were you there? I was not. Chutney was not.

    You rule most things,

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