sugar spell it out…

I’m like a cat in the sun. Who knew that at 3-o-clock in the afternoon the sun comes directly into my bedroom window and lands on my bed, where I am currently comfortably ensconced. So I should give some thoughts on my current readings.

The Keep, by Jennifer Egan – *finished* – I read this one in less than 4 hours. It was confusing, a little circular…and I think there were several times when I snorted in frustration and Jesse looked up from his worm and smiled. He thinks it’s funny when I read confusing books. My big frustration with this one was the narrator was so hard to follow in the beginning, before anything was worked out. The narrator would suddenly change and I would be left wondering who was talking and what they were talking about. In the end, the story was sad and eerie, but it was very well written.

The Blind Assassin, by Margaret Atwood – *finished* – I finished this one last night. It was, as any of her novels, complex and really rich. What I like about Atwood is her ability to keep me guessing till the end of the book, with her narrators that are (as I once heard Kazuo Ishiguro‘s described) “unreliable.” They are unwilling to articulate certain truths, unable to say certain things out loud, look things right in the eye. This leads to red herrings and befuddled ponderings. Actually, I think that I would compare Atwood and Ishiguro to one another in a lot of ways. This book has many strong similarities with The Remains of the Day – an aging narrator looks back on life, considers their failures in love and life, ponder relationships and both are unable to see certain things pertaining to those they love the most.  Good books, both of them.

Do any of you out there have any books that I have lent you? My fiction shelves are looking a little sparse, and I keep thumbing through them for things that don’t seem to be there…I’m going to have to check Mom and Dad’s for my stuff. I get anxious without all my books in one place. Oh, and Rachel, I’m aware that I have one of yours. :-)


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