several thousand words…

Well, this is from the beginning of the weekend, a picture of my birthday flowers. :-) They were droopy when I came home, but they’re still really beautiful. (I’m a bit partial. I’m not accustomed to getting flowers.)

This is my Jesse. Probably not the best picture of him…still no haircut, and the beard has only been trimmed, not shaved off, which would be my preference… ;-) Anyway, we were out on the boat with his dad and they were fishing, and I read the entirety of The Keep, by Jennifer Egan and shivered in my hoodie.

This is the view from right in front of the cabin/lodge/gigantic mass of rooms that we stayed in with Jesse’s parents, his two brothers (one older, one younger), their close family friends, with their youngest son and his girlfriend. (And then Jesse’s grandparents, the second day.)

And these last ones are just randoms, from my long walk in the woods while Jesse was out fishing with his grandpa. It was a really great weekend. There was breakfast when we woke up, there was more food than we could possibly have eaten, and his family brought enough books to keep all of us reading for a month, someone bought the paper every day, so I got a chance to catch up on the news, read snippets of lots of different books, indulge in recipe magazines…It was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever been on, short or not. And we spent the 8 hours in the car (4 there, 4 back) together, so who can complain?
Works been a little crazy since I got back – been behind because of the vacation. I drink a lot of coffee to keep busy … alright. I’m going to sleep now.


One thought on “several thousand words…

  1. Coral!! Are you ever going to post a pic of Jesse’s face?!? I’m starting to wonder if he’s just like Wilson on Home Improvement. You only get to see part of his face at any given time… come on girl, post a better boyfriend pic!

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