Yesterday was a beautiful birthday. The day before, Mom and Dad and Emy and Matt came up and the six of us went to dinner. It was lovely, and then on my birthday Jesse and I went out to breakfast (I had bacon pancakes, which Jesse thought sounded weird, but they were scintil-icious.) and then just read and sat around until I went to work. (Okay, I read, Jesse fell asleep reading the news.) And then when I got home at 11:30, we had dinner and he gave me present (see the picture above that I took with my new camera!!!(and the lilies are looking a little peaked because of the weather. They were beautiful yesterday.)) Yay. Now I’m supposed to be packing for the weekend up north at the cabin with Jesse’s family, so I’m going to go make some pasta salad and cheesebread.


4 thoughts on “birthday.

  1. Plus, when you left the message, for a second I thought you’d said that Jesse got you a CAMEL for your birthday.

    It seemed plausible, but I still listened again, to be sure.

    Either one is a very Coralish gift…

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