like steel in my palm

Welcome to the random mind of Coral.

I would talk about school, but that would just raise my heart rate again. Suffice it to say that this semester will be hard just in terms of motivation. I’m so happy out of school. Happy, as in content, peaceful and sure of myself.

I made bread last Thursday. Two perfect loaves. It never ceases to amaze me when I return to the kitchen and find the dough twice the size as before. A miracle every time. I’m getting to be quite brave in the kitchen. Part of that is that Jesse eats even the mistakes, and seems convinced that each meal is a culinary marvel. (LOL! Look, chicken and frozen vegetables with biscuits! A miracle of modern kitchen witchery!)

I saw Buffy two weeks ago, at her new place. We sat around and read together, watched movies and ate more than we should have. It was lovely. Hopefully now she can come and visit me here, and we can do the same at my new place.


2 thoughts on “like steel in my palm

  1. The debilitating flashbacks are a separate section of the mind of Coral… like random memories that we all wish we’d forget. Speaking of, did I tell you I saw Katie Fick in Kohl’s? (I forget which news I’ve shareded) She’s engaged now. Hmmm.
    YAYAY!! I totally want to come visit you at your new place!!!!! Let me know some weekend when you aren’t totally swamped with lifeness. I can hold my breath all the way to Wisconsin, yet again! (although that shouldn’t take as much lung power anymore. and it won’t be as fun w/o Bex. and the car whose name I can’t spell)
    Okay. long enough comment. I love you with the part of my soul reserved for people who think runts are funny after taking tylenol cold.

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