encircle me

I lay in bed this morning with a cup of coffee and my book, and thought about how far from there I am now. Not that there isn’t sorrow, not that there aren’t moments when I wonder how I can wait so long to tell Cori all these things I’ve learned, things she probably already understands where she is, in the presence of our Saviour. Not that there aren’t days when I see a little blond head and have my heart jump.

I ran errands today. It probably says something about my insanity that I enjoyed the grocery shopping and returning library books just as much as the run-in trip to Target (Coral’s favoritest place.)  Somebody should write a book about the beauty of the mundane. The crazy mad joy of filling the fridge, of crossing things off the to-do list, of taking out the garbage and rehanging clean towels.

Tomorrow…I am going to visit my BUFFY!!! In McHenry, instead of in KY!!! Yay for new jobs and new homes and old friends. I’m so excited that this morning when I woke up I had dreamt that it was tomorrow already (okay, so I also dreamt that terrorist leaders were stranded on an island with me and I was leaving them in charge while I visited Buffy….)


2 thoughts on “encircle me

  1. Have fun on your trip! Life is good. Also, school? What school? Today I picked up a Hebrew grammar book and put it on a shelf. Does that count?

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