magnet to another magnet

We finished the new Harry Potter, Jesse and I, last night, together.  Mostly because I couldn’t deal with him sitting next to me and gasping or laughing at inopportune moments, he kindly let me catch up with him and we read the last 5 chapters simultaneously (from our separate books) so that neither of us would be out of the loop.  I was a little surprised at some things, but for the most part, we had both made good predictions, and I’m content that this was her best book, by far.  I know there are lots of skeptics out there, but I’m no mean critic of literature, and I would like to state for the record that Harry Potter was (despite the ridiculous hype) entertaining, well thought out, and engaging.  As one of my co-workers was told by a customer today “Once I got over myself, I really enjoyed them.”  It’s funny how easy it is to write off something simply because of its popularity…however these books really are good despite their popularity.  Not for young children, or even middling children, but they are a good discussion for teenagers, and really hit adults more than anyone.  This book left me contented and a little nostalgic.  Alright. I will leave that there, and end this paragraph by saying that this was one of the best “dates” Jesse and I have ever had.

I sent out postcards with my new address…if you didn’t receive one *cough*Rachel!*cough* it’s because I don’t have your address, or I didn’t know you wanted one…feel free to ask.

In other news, I started a new position at work today, a promotion which has been somewhat greatly anticipated.  Day one was overwhelming, due in part to HP backlog and general newness, but I was estatic to have 5 out of 8 hours away from the sales floor. Hallelujah. I am planning to be very happy in this new position. :-)

This is Coral, signing out. Loves!


One thought on “magnet to another magnet

  1. I was introduced to HP by the movies. I’m now going back and reading the books (trying desperately to avoid the temptation to read #7 NOW). Glad to get your review. Seems your Jesse is indeed a kindred spirit…

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