Special Topics in Calamity Physics, by Marisha Pessl -*finished*- Jesse claims I picked this book for it’s brightly colored cover. Perhaps that first led me to pick it up, but I believe the use of the phrase “gimlet-eyed instincts” paired with the bewitching picture of the author in 40’s-esque soft light probably had to do with my actual follow through.  A book about outsiders, it follows Blue Van Meer (of course you’ll be an outsider, with a name like that!) through her senior year of high school, at a small private institution. Drowning, youthful escapades, rumors, teenage love rebuffed…it has it all. It was artfully written, almost mocking Blue’s somewhat overly literary voice while appreciating the struggle of growing up.  I enjoyed this book, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you enjoy being frustrated by a mystery that for four hundred out of five-forty doesn’t leave any clues, but instead waits for a big reveal at the end.  While consistent with the first person narration, it is exceedingly troublesome to flip around trying to remember where you read that before only to realize at the end that there were no clues to this conclusion.

That is my inexpert opinion. Are you all getting tired of my book reviews yet? I find it refreshing to look back at all the things I have read recently. :-) Yay!


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  1. I personally am thoroughly enjoying your book reviews. If I only had them in hand for my trips to the library, I would be much better off. Next time I’ll actually have to jot some names down so I remember to pick them up. But for now I think I’ll stick with the 12 I already have checked out. (yes, 12. I’m surprised my library hasn’t confiscated my card yet…)

    Are you telling us that you didn’t read the end of this book before you started at the beginning? I’m slightly cornfused.

  2. You’ve read The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, right?

    I’m halfway through, and am finding it intriguing- and difficult to put down.

  3. Just read Special Topics … Very enjoyable. Yeah … what an unnecessary tangent that was! And no clues to the tangent, only clues that people might be more complex than we could possibly think. That was a fun thought. But what they actually were … I tried to care, and couldn’t.

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