Is only too familiar to your sleep…

The Girls: A Novel, by Lori Lansens – *finished* – Apparently I’m into “A Novel” these days.  This one was good, written from the point of view of twin sisters, and cleverly written so that the two girls have distinctly different styles and voices.  I enjoyed this one, which is about what another favorite book of mine calls “the foreign bodies within us – things that happened in our childhood, some big, some small, but all significant; things that happened ten years ago, but still control our lives today;  things from our yesterdays that will decide what we drink, dream and doubt, till the day we die.” (Foreign Bodies, Hwee Hwee Tan. 16) It’s about love and sisters and loving your sisters even when you don’t understand them.

Speaking of siblings….I have talked to Rueben 4 times on the phone since Wednesday. :-)  We are so blessed. He has four day leave for Emy’s wedding mid-June, and I could burst I’m already so excited. But as I was watching TV last night and realized that we need to remember that just because ours is home doesn’t mean the ones still out there don’t belong to families and love of their own.

Alright. Signing out again. Loves!


One thought on “Is only too familiar to your sleep…

  1. I am so amazingly excited that he’s home! Or at least close enough to enable regular phone conversations. YAY!

    I love you. btw… I’m going to be up that direction this coming weekend… Just putting that out there :-)

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