which is on fire

Still reading:

Five Quarters of the Orange, by Joanne Harris – *finished* –  Yes, I’m reading like a fiend this days.  Jesse thinks it’s funny, and I am simply relieved that I haven’t lost the voracity (isn’t that a great word?) This one I read yesterday, in its entirety.  It was intriguing, kept me guessing till the end, and it has strong, believable characters.  It’s about a widow and her three children as they grow up during Nazi occupation of France.  As the widow struggles with life crushing migraines, her children learn to deal with her detachment and inability to express her love for them.  Framboise, the youngest, explores all the emotions surrounding those years after inheriting her mother’s recipe/scrapbook.  I devoured this book.  The author also wrote the book that the movie Chocolat was based on, which was an interesting movie with deep characters of its own.   This one is highly recommended.

I am also in the middle of A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth – *in media res* – and I strongly suspect that I will be in the middle of it for a while.  A long while.  At 1475 pages, this is the longest non-dead language book I have attempted to read in a long time.  By an Indian/English author, it depicts a family in th 1950s in India.  It’s complicated and interwoven and really really dense.  But I made it nearly 350 pages in already, and I’m a determined reader… I will conquer.  It’s very well written, kind of a mixture of Jane Austen-esque romanticism and Victor Hugo-esque descriptions and background information.  It’s good, if you go for the complex multiple family dynasty tales with 80 characters to keep track of.  I don’t, usually, but it only cost me $2…

In other notes, I’m doing well.  A little sick, but nothing like last semester, so I’m not complaining.  Anyway, I’ve got to go to work. I love you all.


One thought on “which is on fire

  1. If you were sick like last semester, there would be deeper issues. Like people sitting on you, forcing you to rest more. And possibly sending you to the hospital to be tested for germ-attracting pheremones.

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