between the click of the light

…and the start of the dream.

So. Life. Is changing pretty rapidly these days.

I will not be in school next semester. This past year and the mono have done quite the number on me, and I’m going to take a little extra time and defend my thesis next semester instead. I’m going to work full-time for a while, consider my options and make some new life decisions.

I am exceedingly excited at the prospect of having some time to read things that I want to read all the time, of living without constant guilt of homework past, present and future and maybe have a chance to cook normal meals and do my laundry on a regular basis.

Granted, this “decision” was precipitated by much more drama, but hopefully if you want to talk about that, you can call me or email or something of that sort. Suffice it to say, this portion of my life is over. I am, as of now, looking for a new small apartment, and a place to park my car. :-)

And for suggestions as to what to do next…


6 thoughts on “between the click of the light

  1. I’m praying for nearer home. Cuz… then you’ll be nearer me :-)
    I would love to have a real talk sometime… have your people call my people and we’ll arrange a time we can actually talk for a minute.
    I miss you like Petronius misses… well, you :-D

  2. Wow, Coral not in school… does not compute… system overload. Well, if you get really board, or have some vacation time you can always come down to beautiful Texas and visit your lonely pregnant friend. :) As for working full time– watch out, it’s way overrated. To be avoided at all costs in my opinion!

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