black mirror knows no reflection…

Let’s talk about books…

I have been reading a bit more these days, mostly out of a sort of desperation to hold on to my sanity while I still can. I wrote about books last year in September, which was followed by a lively discussion of my reading habits. Alisa, I think you will find my recent reading habits much crazier. :-)

Eye Contact, by Cammie McGovern – *finished* – This was an interesting read. Not something I would ever have picked, mostly on the grounds that I don’t read mysteries, and murder mysteries I avoid especially. But I started this one because I picked it up on break at work and was caught by the first page. Anyway, the character development in this one was interesting. It was really a book about lonely, confused people who start to learn to reach out.

Deep Comedy, by Peter J. Leithart – *in media res* – This was a gift from some peoples that I love, and I have really enjoyed it. He makes some really good points, and I am enjoying watching someone draw connections between faith and literature that I love.

The Educated Imagination, by Northrop Frye – *finished* – Mom sent me this one when I was a little crazy about stuff. I read it on the bus over the next four days. It’s pretty short and an easy read, but it has a LOT of substance. I don’t agree with every statement he makes, but he has interesting philosophical points about why we study literature. Makes a nice complement to the previous book.

My Year Inside Radical Islam, by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross – *finished* – This was a good book. A really good book. It’s about a boy from a nominally Jewish family who becomes Muslim and descends into radical extremist Islam before becoming Christian. Most interesting are the observations on radical beliefs and how people can be manipulated by their religious circle. Seriously a good book.

Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose at Both, by Laura Sessions Stepp – *finished* – Got your attention there, didn’t I? I know. This book is fascinating, on a lot of different levels. While it doesn’t advocate abstinence explicitly, it looks at how “hooking up” affects our generation of women. It is an interesting study that concludes that one of the side effects of casual relationships and sexual activity is that women don’t know how to have deep meaningful relationships. A very interesting read.

One last thing – not a book, but a cd – Neon Bible, Arcade Fire – *finished* – Not a bad CD. I really liked some of the songs on Funeral. I’m not sure about all of this one, but I like the sound. I never really like a CD the first time through, so we’ll see.

So, yup. That’s my reading life right now. Pretty random, eh?


2 thoughts on “black mirror knows no reflection…

  1. Nice to see your selections are getting broader – I’m proud of you! Leithart has another couple of books I think you would be very interested in, send info later.

    Was out of town, just got your email, response forthcoming!
    Luv, Alisa

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