The seal is for marksmanship…

and the gorilla is for sand racing.
Just a heads up…tomorrow is potentially a really rough day…
I have a meeting early, then another meeting after class at 11, during which I am possibly (quite likely) going to be told that I, once again, did not pass my exams. This is not the hard part (oh, the irony!) the hard part is going to be focusing and studying and taking one of my midterms (for a class if you believe it) immediately following. And then I have to go to work all evening. Yipes. The good news is that I have little to no homework for the rest of the week, but I do have to get a jump start on the thesis…

Someone should inform my professors that maybe if they didn’t kick me in the face so often it would be easier to motivate me. Just a thought.

(What really kills me here was the gleeful look on his face today when he informed me that we were meeting tomorrow at 11 – no “are you free?” simply “this is the way it is.” Newsflash: my soul = NOT YOURS.)


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