pressure, pressing down on me…

There is really no way that I can live up to that last post, so I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m not even going to try.  Sometimes things just rush out of me, and if I’m lucky, I can put the pen to paper and capture much or part of it, and sometimes I just feel dry and shrivelled.  Or, really, just too exhausted to write it all out.

This is the hardest time of year to be a student.  Everything is springing to life, and there is only so much that can be enjoyed from in front of the window.  Today I had a big exam (…yeah. Somehow the hope has drained out of me on that one.) and I have a paper to turn in at 1ish. Tomorrow I have an exam for one of my classes, which will require considerable more preparation than I have put into it over this weekend.   (I wasn’t just lazing around, I had to work and write that paper and do my regular homework and grade quizzes and lesson plan for my kids.)  I keep telling myself that in May this will all be worth it.

Today is particularly beautiful.  It’s supposed to hit 75 out…and yesterday Jesse and I walked out picnic point around dusk and watched the sunset on the water, all blue and pink and sparkly.  God is good.


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