these are a few of my…

oh wait. so blogger informs me that my page has “been locked by Blogger’s spam-prevention robots” – um…what?! so i suppose i will write this but y’all won’t see it until some human over-rides these “spam-prevention robots” and informs the higher ups that i am, in fact, not a spam blog. (this makes me seem like a blog primarily made up of canned processed meat-food, which is disturbing, and these robots remind me of those matrix electrical sucking spider/squid things. very technical, i know, but a look into the mind of a tortured grad student. ooh! shiny objects!!!)

moving on.
yesterday was mental health day, a sort of “happy camel day,” if you will. i cancelled my class, graded their exams instead, and *shocked sharp intake of breath* skipped my philosophy class. i also finished my laundry (instead of dressing in the living room out of a laundry basket every morning,) washed my dishes, took out the garbage….so nice. mom and dad offered to come up for dinner, but jesse and i had already made plans to make eggrolls (so the truth comes out, i didn’t take out my own trash) and they deferred till later this week. (yay! something to look forward to!!) we made close to 30 eggrolls, most of which were frozen for future consumption. clever clever clever. i also did all of my MWF homework for the week, finished most of thursday’s homework and looked over my thesis proposal. (and re-stacked the pile of source books in my room as if i had actually read them.) i also sight read some caesar and some virgil. anyway. i’m going to meet colleen to read some hymn to demeter before class.

i love you all so much. i don’t think that i say that enough. i pray for you all.


6 thoughts on “these are a few of my…

  1. I’m SO glad you took a MH day. Not like you needed it or anything. Love you. BTW, questions, questions, questions…

  2. maybe. I’ll think about it :-)

    YAY for Happy Camel Days!! I’m glad things are looking up a little and you were able to relax for at least a day. I love you.

  3. You’re alive! Yay! How did you make it through your other exams?

    Tell me how to make egg rolls (but only if it’s easy). Because there are never enough egg rolls in the world.

  4. Sweetie, please don’t apologize. Yes, it was hard, but it may have been one of the best things for me in a strange way. Through this experience i’ve gained so much knowledge, wisdom, and maturity. She touched me in a part of my life that i didn’t know existed, and i’m so thankful for that. So Coral, please don’t worry. And the meds that i’m on are for my OCD :) I love you Coral, and I want you to know that. You are precious to me, and I think of you often.

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