Blessed Christmas

Christmas with the K sisters….different this year because we had no brother home, different next year because we’ll have an extra brother. Weird. Really weird. Above you see, in no particular order, all three of use with presents, Ember opening a present with her teeth, Melody and the gremlin, and Melody and I being us. :-) We had a really good day, we had a really good Christmas Eve…it was a really nice holiday. Yeah.


4 thoughts on “Blessed Christmas

  1. Me too, me too! I wanna know what Emmy’s shirt says!

    I love the pictures!

    (I heard that Em’s ring was huge, but when you can see it in a picture like that, “huge” takes on new meaning.)

    Guess what, Rosie? I got the same present from my husband as you got from my husband. LOL!

    I’m glad you all had a great day! Here’s wishing you more fun during the rest of the holiday season.

  2. Now I need to know where you get them… (plus the anonymous is me, and I can’t figure out why I wasn’t automatically logged in… or why it took me so long to notice that I was anonymous)

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