leave your fear in the fray…

so this is a new experience in pain. not so much in the pain sense, so much as the fact that i no longer have a neck. my face descends straight into my torso. straight. no tapering allowed. this two-for-one thanksgiving disease thing is pretty cool. “what’s that? her immune system is down? strep, you say? why not invite mono too, just to keep it company.” my body is trying to kill me.
so sleep, you say. why yes, what a charming idea, except that this danged throat keeps waking me up with this elusive pain…..actually not elusive. i can pretty much pin it right to my neck. and that actually might hurt less. did you know that women actually are supposed to feel more pain than men? (“One of the many defects of their kind. Also, weak arms.” – Dwight, The Office) rambly rambly rambly. my family is ordering pizza, a special form of torture when you can’t swallow anything….blah.


3 thoughts on “leave your fear in the fray…

  1. mono sucks. worse than anything else I remember experiencing. (I’m pretty sure the hospital-sickness when I was 5 was worse, but I don’t remember much about that). I hope you feel better soon. Take lots of pain pills and eat lots of ice cream. In teeny, tiny, itty bitty little bites so you don’t choke.

    I love you. Feel better.

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